Secrets To Increase Your Self Love

Secrets To Increase Your Self Love

Imagine yourself in at the edge of a bridge. Then imagine at one end, your greatest desire in life, be it a car, a house, a lovely family, and whatever you want and believe right behind you, a reflection of your mistakes and the things you wish you did, but didn’t. To make the scene feistier, imagine a burning furnace behind you, closing up bits by bits.
What would you do?

The answer is quite simple, and I’m sure you are going to agree with me – the only choice at that moment is to move. That’s the survivor’s instinct. The animal in us will tell us to move on and take the risk. You know why? There’s a possibility of a beautiful end and a route, no matter how slim, or dangerous.

If we learned to take that approach in life always, we would have no timid Jack or doubtful Jill. We would all be the conquerors that we are.
Every day, I watch people take the wrong turn and make the wrong move even when there was a chance to go for their dreams. And the guilty ally is always fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of doubt, fear of “what if I failed.” Ever heard the quote:
“If you never tried, you would never know?”

Everyone here must have at one point, or another met someone who had one shot at attending the school of their dreams, one bullet striking a conversation with a person they admired, or becoming a professional that they have always wanted – but didn’t take it. The chance either looked too risky, unsure, and probably too slim.

Let’s go back to the bridge scenario and imagine that the bridge is shaky as the wind blew and then imagine again that it is made of slippery ropes that looked thin. Would you still take the shot? Knowing that you would burn behind and that if you succeeded, you would live in your dream?

Again, the chances are that you would take the leap. Because no matter how slight or unlikely the chances are, it would be your best.
In one of Bob Proctor’s quotes, he said:
“Both fear and hope are based on the belief it is left for you to choose which.”
What I am trying to say is this; always take that leap, always go with that flare, find yourself by fighting for what you want, and discover yourself consciously.
HOW? JUST HOW? You may ask, especially with the challenges up and down, the lack of finance, the downsides, and all. JUST HOW?

I painted the picture of the bridge to illustrate that it would be much easier if you see your past as a danger and your present situation as a temporal. If you always hungered for more from your life, and if you identified that staying in one position could get you burned. If you understood that the past is not an option and the future is the direction. You will realize that moving forward is the only real way.
But sometimes, you may have been burned or scarred from the choices that failed. You may feel your passion isn’t so lucrative after all, or it is not cut out for you. But guess what, you are not alone.

Albert Einstein was once there, Michael Faraday was once there, Zuckerberg was once there too. You may have failed before; there’s no guarantee that you wouldn’t, but with every opportunity comes another tiny bridge across that challenge towards your dream, and if you look clearly, you’d see the chance.
According to Dorothy M. Neddermeyer,
“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

So, as I begin to round up, I indulge you in becoming conscious of your inner ability to do that which you desire; to realize that you are capable, reliable, and competent to take that move in the right direction. The waves will be there, the doubts will be there, the negative words will be there, but always take the courageous step towards your own dream. Reclaim yourself by overcoming your fear.

I leave you with a quote from Theodore Roosevelt:
Each time we face our fear, we gain strength, courage, and confidence in the doing.

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