How to Sew your Socks Hole? The Simplest Way

How to Sew your Socks Hole? The Simplest Way

It's simple to mend a sock hole. Really. You don't have to be an expert seamstress or have any particular tools. In only a few minutes, your sock will be nearly as good as new. Plus, your big toe will be warm and toasty once again, and no one will ever have to realize that you rarely paint your nails!


You're probably thinking: socks aren't that pricey. I can change them whenever I wish!! Sure, you could just trash the sock with the hole and buy a new pair at the mall.However, fixing a hole or rip is so simple that it provides an otherwise perfectly acceptable pair of socks a second chance. I'm not recommending you fix moth-eaten, weary, perpetually stinky socks that have lost all flexibility. You receive points for taking care of what you have, and it saves you money, which is very great in a school-warm sort of way.

Darning, or repairing socks, was perhaps what most households just did. It wasn't strange or unusual. It was just a part of keeping clothes clean. They would use a darning egg or a darning spool to repair small holes and worn.However, you do not need a darning egg or spool: simply use something with a rounded end that can fit inside a sock, such as a cup or beer bottle. Or one of those adorable small circular lip balm pots.

The purpose of darning a sock isn't always to mend and repair and repair until there's more of your own work than original sock. It's about doing little repairs when necessary to keep your garments in good condition rather than throwing them away.

What You'll Need

A sock that has a hole or a damaged patch

needle for darning

Thread to match the sock color

A darning egg or something like

Choosing a Thread

  1. Select a thread. Choose a thread that is similar in color and thickness to the original sock yarn. A dark color can also be used for horizontal sewing and a lighter hue for vertical stitching. If you have a dark sock, using white thread will make it easier to see what you're doing. The same is true for a white sock and dark thread. It doesn't have to match perfectly since, unless you're a foot model, no one will see your sock-covered feet.
  2. Add thread to the darning needle. You will want to thread a needle with one or two strands of thread, based on the weight of the sock.Tie a knot on the thread's end. Begin by stitching from the inside of the sock out, making sure your knot is on the inside of the sock.
  3. Wrap the sock around the darning egg. These darning eggs are wooden ovals that assist push the sock's toe out so you can see where the hole is. They are available at any craft store.

If you don't have a darning egg or don't want to purchase one, you can use anything round. A tennis ball, as well as a lamp, work nicely as far as you are very cautious.You can also use your other hand, inserting it inside the sock like you would your foot. Darning your sock will be more difficult with this choice.

Darning the Sock, Part 2

  1. Remove any jagged edges. Snip off any threads or cutaway string that are dangling from the hole using little sewing scissors. Just make sure you don't cut several times making your hole even bigger.
  1. Insert the needle into one side of the hole. You will now sew a big running stitch on the other side of the hole. A continuous stitch is the most fundamental of all sewing stitches.All it takes is running your needle and thread up and out of the sock, forming a stitch to the right, and then drawing your needle back up and then out of the sock.

You may also sew a few rows above and on each side of the hole using a running thread. This strengthens the sewing you'll be performing to seal the hole and supports the thread surrounding it.

  1. Continue your stitches. Stitch up and over the hole, back and forth, until the hole is completely blocked with parallel stitches.
  2. Make perpendicular threads to the adjacent stitches (optional.) Stitching perpendicular to your former stitches will strengthen the patch you've effectively built out of thread. Weave your threads in and out of the ones before them.


A stitch in nine refers to the addition of a back stick on the ninth running stitch. This is done so that when the thread becomes unwound or breaks at any point, it is unlikely to unravel all the way back to the origins of the stitching by halting at the extra back stitch, saving time when repairing. Isn't it cool?


When threading the needle or stitching, take care not to stab your thumb. You might wear a thimble or use a dull darning needle.

Expert Advice: Avoid Buying Cheap Socks!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Socks: How Long Do They Last?

It is greatly dependent on how they are utilized. The standard lifespan of socks is six months to a year, however consumer feedback has indicated that our socks collection has an average lifespan of eight to fourteen months.

Sock Holes: What Causes Them?

Toes with long nails

Step patterns that are unbalanced

Shoes are not worn.

Incorrect laundering

Incorrect folding

Unfortunately, you may be unable to prevent socks with holes caused by your walking style. Other reasons are avoidable.

How Can I Avoid Holey Socks?

To avoid holey socks, buy excellent socks from Fiyah Azz Socks, trim your toes, and allow the socks to dry flat.If you hang them to dry or use a clothes dryer, the elastic will wear out faster. Fabric softener may also be used to help protect your socks.

What Socks Last the Longest?

High-quality cotton and wool socks endure the longest if properly cared for. Although any sock can have holes, thinner nylon socks are typically the first to fail. Remember that even the most expensive socks can develop holes. You can discover a variety of sturdy and high-quality socks which will fit your taste in the Fiyah Azz Socks line.

Regardless of how hard you work or play, good socks guarantee happy and healthy feet. Fiyah Azz Socks is here to meet all of your premium sports and bespoke socks demands.

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