How To Sell Your Soul From Personal Experience

How To Sell Your Soul From Personal Experience

What does it mean to sell your soul? What is your soul? Can you really sell your soul? You're just messing with me, right?
Your soul is your essence, the true you. The small hunch trying to move you in the right direction for you, the soul is the breath you’re breathing through your nostrils. Your breath is your soul’s connection to life, creator, god, me, the universe, or whatever you like to call it. Your soul is the life force that gives your body the energy to embrace all of the magic in the experiences life has to offer to help you grow. To sell your soul, is to trade your soul’s (happiness? peace? purpose?) in exchange for your time and your energy.

I’m not just talking about material wealth, I mean the internal wealth, that sense of inner tranquility. The ability to be comfortable in your own spirit might because you know it’s yours and making decisions because you choose to and not because of a deadline or pressure from something exterior to your own mind. Your time and energy are being squandered in places where you know you do not belong, but the security blanket that could be holding your peace and happiness hostage.

This could be a job or a relationship where you know there’s something you instead invest your energy into, but the fear of what your family might think, fear of not being good enough and failing, the fear of this journey being lonely. We’ve all been there and heard it all from our families. Those places being “happy relationships,” where people are always fighting, arguing, not being happy with one another, but know it’s somewhere else you rather be than settling there.

These limits, in the past, that we have put on ourselves has made drained your soul. It’s no wonder why you feel so tired and exhausted at the end of a workday. Your soul is not being expanded, it craves more, but if you let “fear” win and not follow your heart. Yes, you feel it, it’s speaking to you all the time, it’s guiding you.
Always. That little voice pulling you in the direction of “fear”. Just gotta stop ignoring it. How will you respond to your soul’s desires? That sense of inner peace you’ve been looking to create is on the other side of you being comfortable. For the soul to expand, it seems for uncomfortable situations to experience to understand itself deeper and grow through.

When you stay in your comfort zone too long, you are selling your soul short of great experiences that occur to grow through. Not only to understand and more have compassion for people, but most importantly, understanding and having compassion for yourself. Each experience happens for you to understand yourself a bit deeper, but when you stay on the surface level, you cannot dive to the deepest oceans your soul is guiding you through.

You, the mind of the vessel, are doing your soul a disservice when you stay in your comfort zone and resist the ever-changing reality we like to call life. Resisting change will guide you to resist the growth and look over the learning lessons from the experiences you’ve been through, which will give you the same recycled experiences until you learn the lesson.

Now I’m not saying you have to BE anything specific, outside of yourself, of course. Pursuing your soul’s deepest passions and talents you could’ve suppressed for years like writing, singing, building a business, or not settling for that relationship, you know that’s one-sided, encouraging the world through your growth experiences, whatever the case may be for you. So yes, each time you choose against your heart’s desires, you sell your soul.

This isn't of the fear based conditioning we've been feed our whole lives, you're not going to hell, but you will create hell in your mind for yourself when you resist what you are being guided to do. It becomes more and more painful, and the more you resist, the more it shows up in your health, finances, inner happiness, and relationships. Stepping outside your comfort zone can be scary, but the magical experiences that are on the other side are priceless and worth that leap.
Will you allow your soul to be held hostage, or will you choose to follow the path that sets you soul on fire to live out your purpose?

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Peace, love, and abundance to you on your journey.


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